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Clear Skin Probiotics from Love Wellness









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Ali confirms that the importance of adhering to skin care increases after the age of menopause in women, due to the effects of the decrease in estrogen on the skin, and he says. The skin at this age loses most of its ability to retain water, so the skin becomes drier. Signs of aging begin to appear, which increases the need to use moisturizers in particular. Ali advises women of this age to consult a dermatologist regularly. Does men's skin need the same degree of care as women's skin?

Beauty companies tend to address women during their promotional advertisements, and we rarely see men using skin care products unless there is an apparent problem. Women constantly use cosmetics and makeup, which may cause severe damage to the skin, and requires Beauty Skincare Products constant attention to clean the skin and moisturize it. He added This does not mean that skincare is limited to women only, but men need the same amount of care and perhaps more, especially those who are committed to fieldwork all day and are exposed to all air pollutants; dry air, dust, and sun, which in turn cause skin problems.

What are the necessary preparations and what is the best way to apply them? Women use many skin preparations daily, such as lotions, moisturizers, and exfoliators, and most of them lack sufficient information about the extent of their needs and application times. Ali confirms that choosing the appropriate type of lotion depends on the type of skin, which is determined by the doctor. As for general advice, he adds. It is important for everyone to keep using broad-spectrum sunscreens, to prevent pigmentation and dark spots, and skin moisture must be preserved, especially For people with dry skin or those who are exposed to many causes of dehydration, starting by taking a hot bath and not ending with a change in weather. As for the skincare routine, Ali recommends washing the face, starting with a cleanser suitable for the skin type.


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