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The Company looks at the tens









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The company looks at the tens of thousands of genetic variants associated with conditions that are best understood by scientists. Donna Abrahart, 56, of Portsmouth, England, wanted an investigation into her case because she knew relatives had died of cystic fibrosis in the 1950s and 1960s. As the union president, she approached 23andMe, and the test results showed that although she had the CF gene mutation, she was only a carrier. But she also has some other valuable drug information. I also suffer from gastric reflux, and my proton pump inhibitor (PPI) medication doesn't work at times," Abramhart said. "Genetic tests show that I have a fast metabolism." This means that when she develops reflux symptoms, she may need to take higher doses of the drug.

She raised the issue with her GP, who prescribed him extra medication. my history is that she wanted to better understand her ancestry. Chandler, 34, is a native of London, but she was adopted, so little is known about her biological parents. Before taking the test, he Organic Skin Care Product thought he might be a mix of Chinese and Americans or Europeans; but a test by 23andMe revealed that Chandler is 100 percent Southeast Asian. As I got older, whenever I went to the doctor, or the dentist or filled out health forms, there was always a family history question she explained.

In a more detailed test, Chandler found that she had "two genes in common with sprinters". She's not entirely surprised I run a lot and 'sprinting' is my specialty. Through his high-end gyms- one of which is located at 45 Park Lane, a five-star hotel in London's Mayfair district. He said this testing can be used to develop the most effective exercise frequency and intensity for clients. "The main benefit of DNA testing is that it takes out a lot of the guesswork. It tells us about your endurance, your strength, your oxygen uptake, your risk of injury, and your speed of recovery, says Roberts. Roberts said the test could give us insight into a person's genetic predisposition to a variety of different responses.


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